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About Us

Mission: To increase access to secondary education for children in extreme poverty through merit-based scholarships.

Vision: To reduce the number of orphaned and destitute children not going to school because of poverty. We recognize that these children will return to their respective communities as educated, innovate young people, who will improve their quality of life by breaking the cycle of poverty.

One of the biggest barriers to ending poverty in Africa is the lack of education.

Why Education?

One of the biggest barriers to ending poverty in Africa is the lack of education. Many children are unable to go to school in most parts of Africa, because of the fee structure that exists. Instead, they are forced to stay at home and tend to younger siblings or go out into the workforce.

Unlike countries in the West, public high school education in Kenya is not free. Thus, to continue on past 8th grade, a high school student has to pay school fees every year. This becomes unachievable as the majority of Kenyans survive on less than 2 dollars a day, making it impossible to send their children to school. As a result, many students drop out of school, and education is placed beyond their reach.

Our students excelling in school
  • We partner with educators in the community to award scholarships
  • Girls are given an equal opportunity as boys when awarding scholarships.
  • Education is not a privilege but a human right for all including the disadvantaged.

Application Process
The student must pass the Kenya Certification of Primary Education (KCPE) exam with a minimum of 350 points and apply.
Committee Review
The student writes a brief history and biography explaining why he/she needs help and submits other relevant documents.
The student is shortlisted and invited for a face-to-face interview after verification with our Kenya team.
Scholarship awarded
Student awarded scholarship after verification from educators and community.

DAF has sent over 170 students to school with individual contributions. On behalf of the many lives changed, we thank you for your donation.
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