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Male Students Top 2008 KCSE Examination

Male Students Top 2008 KCSE Examination
Written By:Westley Ruto

The performance of girls in the KCSE exam remained very poor with only one girl appearing in the top 10 students Maugo Nyaoma Mark is the top student in the 2008 Kenya Certificate Secondary Examination -KCSE- with an aggregate of 87.267 points. Nyaosi Bugei Omote is second with 87.262. Patel Kush Nikhil is the third best student. Overall the performance of girls compared to boys is very poor. Out of the ten top candidates overall there is only one female candidate Mukhongo Nanyama Velma at number four with an aggregate of 87.17. The rest in order of performance are Ogaro Denver Mosigisi, Bosire Eric Omingo, Taabu Okinyi Robert, Bernard Larpei Tabarua, Kimani Morris Wabacha and Ondigo John Asango . The top 10 female students are Mukhongo Nanyama Velma, Manju Rose Sebastian, Wambua Ndunge, Obayo Antonina Zebby, Muiru Ruth Wanjiru, Irungu Wanjiru, King’oo Faith Kalekye, Cherop Christine, Owira Quinn Patricia and Obasi Kwamboka Maritha. The top positions in Nyanza and North Eastern provinces were dominated by male candidates with not a single girl appearing in the top 10.

In Nyanza Province only nine girls made it to the top 100 students while in North Eastern Province only 11 girls made the top 100 list. However, in Eastern Province girls are topping taking the first three positions. Girls also took 51 positions out of the top 100 in the province. The poor performance by girls was replicated in most other provinces with two girls making it to the top 10 in Coast Proovince, 1 in Central Province,1 in Nairobi Province, 3 in Rift Valley Province and 4 in Western Province. This year the ministry of education decided not to rank performance in terms of schools as has been the norm.

This the ministry said was meant to remove unfair competition. In Subject rankings, girls outperformed boys in English and CRE with girls taking six positions out of the top 10 in English and nine positions out of the first thirteen in CRE. However in the sciences, girls performed dismally with not a single girl appearing in the top 10 students in Physics. In Mathematics only one girl made it in the list of top 14 performers while in chemistry, five girls made it in the list of 12 best students. Girls performed relatively better in Kiswahili with five girls appearing in the list of top 11 and a similar number appearing in the list of top 11 performers in Business Studies. To access the results, interested parties can log on to the Kenya National Examination Website at www.examscouncil.or.ke.
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