Breaking the cycle of poverty through education

Frequently Asked Questions

Why education?

Many disadvantaged children are unable to go to school in most parts of Africa, because of the fee structure that exists.  The Deborah Amoi Foundation (DAF) is committed to fighting poverty by creating access to education for children living in poverty.


How long have you been in existence?

DAF started in 2009 with 10 students and as of 2018, over 130 students have received sponsorship.


How do you raise funds to educate the students?

Our funding comes mainly from individuals.   To make a contribution please visit our donation page.


Is DAF involved in one school?

No, DAF is operating in 20 high schools in Kenya.


Do you have any religious affiliations?

No, the foundation does not represent any political or religious points of view. We welcome religious organizations that wish to sponsor students, but we do not have any direct ties with any particular faith.


What is the criteria for selection?

The scholarship is merit based. We select impoverished and/or orphaned 8th graders who have been accepted to high school but lack school fees. The boys must have 350 points and above and the girls 330 points or more on their Kenya National Examination Council examination. This is a national compulsory exit exam for all students.  Students must also maintain a minimum grade of C+ in all subjects to continue with funding.


What is the application and selection process

To apply each student needs the following:

  • A biographical essay detailing why they need sponsorship
  • Be able to demonstrate financial need
  • A copy of the Kenya Certificate of Primary Examination results
  • The documents are reviewed by the DAF Selection Committee
  • Home visits are  conducted by DAF Selection Committee
  • Attend an interview


Is DAF a nonprofit organization and if so is my contribution tax deductible?

Yes, DAF is a 501(c)(3), non-profit organization and your contribution is entirely tax-deductible. Click here to make an online contribution.


Can I sponsor a student individually?

Absolutely! Please contact us and we will do all the work for you. You will receive a progress report, picture, and other updates from the student.