About Deborah Amoi Foundation

The Deborah Amoi Foundation (DAF) is a means to make education accessible to students all over East Africa. One of the biggest barriers to ending poverty in Africa is lack of education. Many children are unable to go to school in most parts of Africa, because of the fee structure that exists and renders education out of reach for them. Instead,  they are forced to stay home and tend to younger siblings or go out into the workforce.  This usually involves hard labor.  Some children  are kidnapped and become  child soldiers, and to make matters worse, others are orphaned by  AIDS and are in the care of their grandparents who need help themselves. The situation is dire especially in rural areas, however, with donations by concerned and benevolent givers like you,  Africa’s children can be lifted out of poverty. For information on how you can give to the foundation, contact us via email at info@dafinternational.org

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