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Working Away.. – The Deborah Amoi Foundation

Working Away..

Of the 45 students who were interviewed, we have selected 17 students to be recipients of the DAF scholarship. They were very excited to be given the chance to go to high school.

As we’ve mentioned before, High School in Kenya is as competitive as college in America and you have to pay. Secondary education is not free. DAF is working with local volunteers to break the cycle of poverty that starts when kids can’t afford to continue on with their education.

Please donate and help us reach 100 students in 2011. So far we’ve got 70 excellent students receiving sponsorship. They all come from extremely poor backgrounds, many are orphans, most live with an ailing grandparent. Despite these hardships, they are focused, determined and top scorers.

Help us take more kids to school by donating via our website dafinternational.org or email info@dafinternational.org for more info

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